Why Am I Manually Entering My Resume?

3 years ago | Jared Hammond

One of the most common emails I receive is along the lines of

'Why Can't I Just Upload My Resume?'

The simple answer is Data normalization

Why Are People Putting Resumes Online?

First, think of why you are putting your resume online.

The most obvious answer is for a recruiter to find it, realise you are the perfect candidate and call you ASAP to offer you a job.

Recruiter, Hurry Up and Find My Resume

Your resume is sitting somewhere in the cloud, in a database. To be found the recruiter needs to search 'something' and get results that match 'something'.

"Searching for a resume to download" is different from wanting a nicely formatted resume to "download" AFTER finding it. The searching part is actually more important I would argue.

Website, I Don't Care. Just let Me Upload The Resume

That's doable but your resume won't be easily found by a recruiter.
Each resume is different.
  • Some have a covering letter attached
  • Some are PDFs, most are .docx and some are google docs
  • Some have tables, some have lists
  • Some list skills, others list proficiencies
  • Some have years like this 2008, others like '08
  • Some list job titles before the company name, some list job titles in a table to the side and some companies sound a lot like job titles
  • Some petroleum engineers are looking for reservoir engineer roles, some are looking for produciton engineer roles, others looking for petroleum engineer roles
Take all those issues and try and process each uploaded resume section into the right recruiter search section. What is a company and what is a job title in 1000s of resumes with 100s of different layouts and section headers? I literally don't get paid enough to do that!

Next idea - How About Uploading All Content and Recruiters Search That?

This will work but will make the recruiter search worse and will therefore mean recruiters are less likely to use the OneOilJobSearch resume search.
Including the whole resume in the search increases 'noise'. For example, you're a wellsite geologist and your job description says:
'Worked with company reservoir engineer to identify key sands'
A recruiter is searching for reservoir engineer and suddenly a wellsite geologist is showing up (and vice-versa). Not good.
Hope that helps explain why some sites do this, not that it makes it fun entering data twice!

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