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5 years, 4 months ago | Jared Hammond
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Finally, the inaugural One Oil Job Search (OOJS) blog post! Only 6 months after launching.

Last week the main features of the job board (job crawler + resumes + free job posts) were completed, so today I set aside the time for the updates page.

What Is OOJS?

The second hottest thing on the internet after cryptocurrency

One simple goal - put all oil jobs on one site. Right now there are 45,800 oil jobs on the site, so we are getting there.

One Oil Job Search crawls the main oil job boards, a few oil company job boards, all indeed sites and a Norwegian job site 'Finn' to try and get ALL the oil jobs on one site.

Because not all jobs get posted to the sites OOJS crawls, recruiters can post their jobs for free so we can achieve the goal of all oil jobs on one site. Recruiters like resumes so there's also a resume app for job seekers.

Why create OOJS?

Because the world definitely needs more job sites…

One reason is I wanted to learn to code and it always helps having a goal. A much better reason is most oil jobs aren't available through the dedicated oil job boards...

Through my own job searches, I realised this a while ago. So I made 3 years ago and manually (!yuck) added all the jobs from Google, Indeed, LinkedIn, Oilandgasjobsearch & Twitter. became popular with reservoir engineers so I expanded to and posted all geoscience & petroleum engineering jobs on one site. Even got a mention on reddit which is worth a million internet points.

Posting all those jobs manually became a chore so I researched how to automate it and started coding with Python in March 2017. By May the first version of this site existed as a text file generator:

Shortly after that I realised that if subsurface job searches can be automated so can all oil job searches. The job searching script evolved into the first public version of this site and it went live on 1st July 2017 to thunderous applause (14 people).

Thanksfully those 14 people shared it with a few more and now it's just over 6000 weekly visitors and growing.

What's Next?

  • Oil job search script
  • Job search (this was harder than you would think)
  • Email job alerts (this was also harder than you would think)
  • Free job posts
  • Create an online resume
  • Resume searching (for recruiters)
  • User request - Recruiter dashboard (list of each job with job views & applications)
  • User request - Allow users to upload resumes in pdf & .doc
  • Promoted job postings
  • Improve the job search script to filter out occasional non-oil jobs which slip through the filters
  • User request - Improve the web job search to allow searches to remove locations/companies i.e. 'Not in United States', 'Not at Company Name'


If you have any ideas leave a comment below, head to the contact page

- Jared Hammond
Founder | Coder | Reservoir Engineer

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