Every oil and gas job on one site.


One Oil Job Search started out as a small Python script which alerted one person (me) to new reservoir engineer jobs.

Now it searches 71 websites for 301 job terms each hour making sure our users never miss out on any new oil jobs.

What is it?

OOJS performs thousands of daily job searches that:

Explain like I'm 10

Google for oil jobs

What sites does OOJS search?

More sites are being added each week - if you want us to fast track a website message us at the contact page

What job titles are currently searched

The latest version uses 301 search terms from 65 websites. There are a LOT of jobs being posted daily.

Our filtering algorithms are not perfect so if you find a job listing that isn't an oil job please use the report job page.

At the bottom of every job is a report job button which will auto-fill the job details.

I'm a recruiter, can you help me?

I'm building recruiter tools right now - including free job postings! If you can't wait until it is completed, message me on the message me on the contact page with a link to your job you want to post and I will add it.

Who made OOJS?


Feel free to get in touch at anytime. I built this thing from scratch so any feedback you have I can actually implement!

How do I contact OOJS?

Head to the contact page